The researchers associated with the Regional Centre on Water Security (CERSHI), under the auspices of UNESCO, develop the following lines of research:

1Water quality and wastewater treatment.

2Ecohydrology for sustainability.

3Management and artificial recharge of aquifers (including transboundary aquifers).

4Risk management due to hydrometeorological phenomena, early warning and adaptation to global changes.

5Hydroinformatics, support systems for decision making and technology development.

6Planning, integral management of water resources and diplomacy.

7Education and development of abilities.

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  • Universidad NAcional Autónoma de México
  • Instituto de Ingeniería - UNAM
  • Red del Agua - UNAM
  • UNESCO - International Hydrological Programme
  • IMTA
  • Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores