The Regional Centre on Water Security, offers specialized research to address problems on water security in the region, taking into account the relevant elements that are manifested in each locality. The resultant knowledge is a way to promote integral solutions and increase response capabilities in the face of the complexity of water resources context.

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✅ Analysis of immediate attention problems

The high level of uncertainty, caused by the accelerated changes in the ecological, political, economic and social environment, demands paying special attention to the problems caused by the emergence of natural or social phenomena that affect the vulnerability increase of social groups.

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✅ Analysis of urgent problems

To achieve a trajectory towards a sustainable scenario of quality, management and distribution of water resources, it is essential to maintain an attitude of continuous improvement, and deepen the knowledge formed in relation to critical areas.

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✅ Attention to requests from public and private institutions

It seeks to offer specialized research services to public and private institutions that have the issue of water security as a priority in their areas of action.

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  • Universidad NAcional Autónoma de México
  • Instituto de Ingeniería - UNAM
  • Red del Agua - UNAM
  • UNESCO - International Hydrological Programme
  • IMTA
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